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Wing Chun is a style of Chinese Kung Fu, created by a nun from the Shaolin Temple (Ng Moi). The Wing Chun system was designed to enable a smaller, weaker person to defend themselves against a larger, stronger opponent. In contrast to some other styles that rely on strength and large movements, Wing Chun uses precision and efficiency when dealing with an attacker. The art was brought to the forefront by the famous Grandmaster IP man, often referred to as Yip Man. He was born on the first of October, 1893 and died on the second of December 1972.

Ip Kai Man was one of the first martial arts instructors, or Sifu, to teach the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu openly.

Wing Chun’s martial philosophy can be described in two words; simplicity and efficiency. Movement is small and extremely efficient, utilizing subtle shifts of the body to deflect, evade and counter strike all in one motion. Kicks are low, swift and usually simultaneous with hand techniques. Rather than “blocking” an attack by knocking it out of the way with muscular strength, attacks are parried by redirecting them off course, requiring a minimum of motion and strength. Instead of pulling back or “winding up” to strike, attacks are quick and direct and power is generated over short distances (Wing Chun’s famous “one-inch punch” is a demonstration of this principle).

Ip man

Ip man and disciple Bruce Lee

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